JPYINR to move down in coming trading sessions....

JPYINR is negatively poised as it moving in a down ward sloping channel. The currency pair is forming lower high and lower low from November 2012. Prices were hovering near the resistance of upper trend line of falling channel on Friday. It opened negative after facing the resistance and made a low of 63.60 level. As per wave perspective, prices are moving in a double zigzag pattern (a-b-c-x-a-b-c). Currently prices are moving lower in the form of wave c. In short, our bias for JPYINR continues to be negative as far as prices are moving in a downward sloping channel.

USDINR to test 55.30 level...

USDINR: USDINR in daily charts has closed near the high of the previous day around 55. For further positive confirmation USDINR need to close above 55.13 for further upmove. Currently it is moving in a sideways direction within a stiff range of 55-54.20. A close above 55.13 will breach the resistance of 50% of the retracement of the previous upmove (57-54.20) which will push prices to 55.30 levels which is 61.8% of the retracement. The scenario is different as compared to previous month in this pair as wave counts are very tricky and we have to rely on basic technical tools and support levels. In short, our bias for USDINR is still positive as far as 54.20 is intact. Expect this currency pair to move upto 55.30 in coming trading sesions. GBPINR GBPINR has rallied in a positive direction and broke the range of 88.50-87 on the upside. Now as far 88.70 is intact expect an upside for this pair.  GBPINR is hovering near the previous top of 89.65. Currently pr

A clear direction for USDINR after a transition period...

USDINR: USDINR in daily charts has closed above the previous day high for consecutive two trading day’s which indicates that the trend is in a positive direction. RBI yesterday left Repo and CRR rate unchanged which had depreciated INR, as a result USDINR broke the stiff range of 54.80-54.20. Now 54.80 will act as a strong support and USDINR can move upto 55.30 which is 61.8% of the retracement of the previous down move (57-54.20) over short term. In short, our bias for USDINR is positive as far as 54.80is intact. Expect this currency pair to move upto 55.30 in coming trading sesions. GBPINR: On Tuesday GBPINR broke the range of 88.50-87 on the upside by breaking the upper extreme of 88.50 and closed at 89.40  GBPINR can test 89.65 in coming trading session, any move above 89.65 will make high after 6 years and will infuse buying pressure if crossed. Now 88.50 will act as crucia support and 89.65 as resistance In short, GBPINR is positively biased as i

USDINR continues to move sideways...

BOTTOM LINE: USDINR continues to move in sideways direction… USDINR: USDINR is moving in a range of 54.80-54.20 which clearly indicates that the currency pair is moving in a sideways direction. To get a clear direction USDINR need to obtain a confirmation which is possible by breaking the above mentioned range. After forming a top around 57, USDINR is moving in a corrective fashion. However, if 55.10 is taken out on the upside the sentiments will change and fresh longs will not be ruled out. As per wave perspective, after completing wave v, the currency pair started moving in a downtrend and completed wave b around 55.10. Currently prices are moving in the form of wave c. Any move above 55.10 will complete wave c on downside and next leg on the upside will start. A sideways movement in USDINR has also impacted NIFTY, as both are inversely related hardly any movement is been seen in last week. In short, any move below 54.20 will drag USDINR to 53.65-53.50 and


            USDINR Prices faced the resistance of 76.4% retracement of the previous downmove (57.10-52) and started to shedding gains as it failed to move above that level. Dollar started to depreciate more against rupee when the upward sloping channel was breached. Prices completed ending diagonal pattern, a move below   55.50 pulled the prices to lower levels, thus activating bears. As per the wave perspective prices completed wave v   and next leg on the downside has started. In forth coming sessions dollar will further depriciate and USDINR can test 54.80 in coming sessions. Momentum indicator RSI has also changed its path after touching 60.                                                                                                                       In short, USDINR will test its support of 54.80 in couple of trading sessions which will appreciate INR.             EURINR After a bull run for this currency pair, prices failed to close above its pr

Daily Technical Report 7th May 2012

S&P CNX NIFTY – Daily Technical Report   7 th May 2012 Indices Close % Chg. BSE Sensex 16831 -1.87 CNX Nifty 5086 -1.96 India Vix 21.12 9.71 Moving Averages CNX NIFTY 20 EMA 5271 Negative 50 SMA 5295 Negative 100 SMA 5142 Negative 200 SMA 5118 Negative Nifty Technical Levels Levels 1 2 3 Resistance 5251 5290 5322 Support 5127 5090 5078 Nifty Pivot Points for Intraday Levels 1