MCX Crude Oil - Reversal as per Elliott Wave Analysis

 MCX Crude Oil 4 hour chart


According to the presented chart, the price movement of crude oil shows a consistent pattern of lower highs and lower lows, suggesting a prevailing negative bias. Notably, there was a recent breach of the previous low following the Crude Oil inventories report, leading to a decline towards the 5787 levels. Despite this, there is a potential for a relief rally or a reversal to occur at the current levels.

Examining the Waves perspective, Crude Oil exhibited a three-leg pattern (A-B-C), with wave C concluding at 161.8% of the distance from wave A to wave B, as illustrated in the chart. Within wave C, there are distinct markings of five waves, hinting at the imminent completion of the downtrend.

In summary, it is suggested that MX Crude Oil could experience a relief rally or a reversal in the vicinity of these levels, with the potential to test the 7000 levels in the future.

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