MCX Copper change of trend underway?

 MCX Copper anticipated on 21st Oct 2023

MCX Copper happened on 14th Dec 2023


In my earlier article, I expressed the view that MCX Copper prices would undergo a trend reversal after forming an accumulation pattern at the bottom. As anticipated, prices have indeed shifted direction and, notably, have successfully surpassed the resistance level.

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With a clear bullish breakout from a descending channel, it's evident that MCX Copper prices are poised for a positive trajectory in the foreseeable future. The red metal is expected to explore levels between 760 and 777, representing the 61.8% to 80% retracement of its previous decline.

From a wave analysis perspective, the ongoing upward movement could be classified as wave c, following the completion of wave b in three legs (a-b-c). However, definitive evidence supporting it as an impulse wave is currently lacking. Further signals are awaited to confirm its classification as an impulse wave.

To sum up, MCX Copper exhibits a favorable outlook, potentially reaching levels of 760-777 in the short to medium term. It's crucial to note that any downward movement below 687 would invalidate the upside target.

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