Nikkei 225 Anticipated Happened

 Nikkei 225 Anticipated on 26th Sep 2023

Nikkei 225 Anticipated Happened on 3rd Oct 2023


From my previous update on Nikkei 225 , I had mentioned that the index has formed a truncation and it is expected that it will falter towards 31250-31000 levels when it was at 32419 levels.

The index plunged towards 30470 levels by opening with a huge gap down thereby achieving my mentioned level - Anticipated Happened

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As prices have dipped and made a low of 30470, from there on wards it has started moving higher in form of wave b where it can be a part of wave a of wave b which will be followed by wave b and wave c thereby completing wave b at one higher degree. In coming days Nikkei 225 will be trading in a broad range of 30700-33000 levels.

The summation is Nikkei 225 is moderately positive from current levels as it can move higher to test the levels of 33000 as far as 30700 is intact on the lower side.

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