Nifty Anticipated Happened

 Nifty 60 mins chart anticipated on 19th April 2022

Nifty 60 mins chart happened on 11th May 2022

In my previous update, I had mentioned, "Nifty can bounce from current levels near till 17200-17400 levels and then it will move back down towards 16200-16000 levels over short to medium term."

Nifty bounced and reached the level of 17400 levels from the level of 16800 levels thereby achieving my mentioned level of 17200-17400 levels (highlighted in blue) and from there the index plunged below 16000 levels, thus achieving the levels below (highlighted in yellow) - Anticipated Happened

To view my previous article on Nifty, click on the below link

Prices are at crucial stage as it has arrived near very strong support but at the same time it is early to catch the reversal from here. I will be monitoring the move and update you timely.


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