GBPINR: Anticipated Happened

 GBPINR 60 mins spot chart anticipated on 21st Feb 2022

GBPINR 60 mins spot chart happened on 14th March 2022

In my previous update dated 21st Feb 2022, I had mentioned, " GBPINR is all set to plunge till 99.5-99 levels over short to medium term."

The pair plunged till 99.58 at 10.30 IST, gaining 1.90% and it is looking weak going ahead - Anticipated Happened

To view my previous article on GBPINR, click on the below link

Prices have arrived near cluster of supports marked by arrow so one can partially book the pair at current juncture. Break of 99.5 can accelerate selling pressure going ahead but from here it seems downside is limited.

As per wave theory, prices are on the brink to complete wave a of third correction and then it will start wave b higher which can move the pair back till 102 levels (spot). 

The summation is GBPINR can test 99 levels but will reverse the direction to move back up till 102 levels over medium term.


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