USDINR: Anticipated Happened

 USDINR 60 mins spot chart anticipated on 23 Feb 2022

USDINR 60 mins spot chart happened on 24 Feb 2022

In my previous article on USDINR, I had mentioned that, "The summation is USDINR is all set to soar till 75.7 over short to medium term."

Prices made a high of 75.69 today thereby achieving my mentioned level - Anticipated Happened

You can see my previous article on USDINR, for that just click on the below link

I was expecting wave c higher despite of showing two probabilities, Now as wave c might have completed, chances are high that prices will change the trend by moving sideways and later continue the major trend. 

I will continue to monitor this uptrend and will update as and when there is a major reversal. My targets in this currency pair is done.


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