Tesla: Elliott Wave Analysis and Anticipated happened

 Tesla daily chart anticipated on 16th July 2021

Tesla daily chart happened on 25th October 2021

From the above chart, prices moved precisely as per my prognostics. I had mentioned for Tesla on 16th July 2021 , "Tesla stock is positively poised and can move higher near till $900 over even cross it over medium term."

The stock reached not only $900 but also crossed over medium term as it is currently quoting at $1200 levels odd. To read my previous article on Tesla you can click in the link mentioned below


At present prices are moving in wave iii which is likely extended and so prices will continue to move higher as wave v is pending on the higher side. Wave iv can correct which can be utilized as a buying opportunity.

The summation is Tesla can be bought around $1000-$1100 levels for the level of  $1300-$1450 levels


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