Bitcoin Elliott Wave and Neo Wave Analysis Anticipated Happened

 Bitcoin daily chart anticipated on 11th July 2021

Bitcoin daily chart happened on 8th August 2021

In my previous update I had mentioned for Bitcoin, "Prices can test the level of $30000 over short term followed by $44500-$44700 levels over medium term."

I was anticipating the fall for Bitcoin near till $30000 and then a rise near to the immediate resistance placed at $44500-$44700, both the fall and the rise is been captured- Anticipated Happened

Here is the link of the previous article which I had written on  Bitcoin, click on it

As per Neo Wave prices completed the diametric pattern where it fell below $30000 and then came up in an impulsive fashion to start fresh leg higher.

Sustainable move above $44500-$44700 will soar prices towards its next resistance area of $51000 followed by $59500 levels.

The summation is Bitcoin needs to sustain above $44500 so that it can achieve the level of $51000 over short term. The medium term level will be $59500 levels.


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