MCX NAT GAS Anticipated Happened

 MCX Nat Gas daily continuous chart anticipated on 6th June  2021

MCX Nat Gas daily continuous chart happened on 26th July 2021

In my previous article on Nat Gas, I had mentioned that, "Prices can test 200 levels over short term which can drag prices lower, buying opportunity can be expected at these levels which can soar prices towards  300 to 315 levels over medium term."

I initially thought that prices are moving in a triangle pattern and so wave e of the triangle can test 200 levels which I was wrong in the short term. However, I was correct in anticipating the medium term as it can test 300-315 levels which is achieved- Anticipated Happened

Here is the link of my previous article on NAT GAS

Prices have completed wave b in a flat pattern and following that an impulse structure can be seen which is undoubtedly wave c. Now a correction either in the form of wave x or a deeper correction is likely. I will monitor the move and keep you all posted.


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