EURINR Neo Wave Diametric Pattern Anticipated Happened

 EURINR daily continuous chart anticipated on 5th July 2021

EURINR daily continuous chart happened on 19th July 2021

In my previous update dated 5th July 2021, I had mentioned that, EURINR is hovering near resistance and can sink near to 87.6-87.5 levels over short term."

EURINR made a low of 87.33 on 19th July 2021, thereby achieving my mentioned level of 87.6-87.5 levels- Anticipated Happened

The chart shown on 5th July or 19th July or when the article is written depicts Neo Wave diametric pattern, a seven leg pattern which has lot of variations. You can see the previous article of EURINR by clicking on the link

After completing diametric pattern there are high chances for the pair to bounce or can change the trend from negative to positive. This can be the end of wave ii or wave a of wave ii, once completed wave iii on the upside will start.


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