BEL re-visited

 BEL half hourly chart anticipated on 14th July 2021

BEL half hourly happened on 19th July 2021

In my previous update about BEL, I had mentioned that, "Prices are set to surge till 190-192 levels over short term as far as the level of 179 is intact on the downside."

The stock surged till 188 levels close to my target level. To view the previous article on BEL click on the below mentioned link

I thought that it is a symmetrical triangle pattern which eventually turned into a complex correction. One thing is for sure that wave c cannot terminate at this level and so I am still open, there is also another possibility for prices to still move in wave b and so wave c has still not started. Wave b can be as complex as possible. I will monitor the movement going forward and will update timely onto this.


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