Tata Motors Anticipated Happened

 Tata Motors hourly chart anticipated on 5th June 2021

Tata Motors hourly chart anticipated happened on 15th June 2021

In my previous article dated on 5th June 2021, I had mentioned that, "Tata Motors is expected to cross 360 levels over short to medium term as far as 311 is protected on the lower side."

Prices surpassed 360 levels by marking a high of 360.75 thereby achieving my level - Anticipated Happened.

Tata Motors is either moving in a-b-c correction or it is moving in an impulse wave of wave a of second correction post wave x, this is a concern I have raised in my previous article, in both the cases prices were expected to go up. Here is the link of my previous article


I will continue to monitor the movement in this stock and keep you all updated.


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