Technical Analysis Course 2020

Greetings Everyone!!!

                               My name is Megh Mody, a technical analyst with an experience of over a decade in free floating markets. I have been working in Equity, Commodity and Currency markets and have expertise in forecasting the direction of price and trading it. 

I am now going to teach you how to trade with help of trading tools like simple trend line or any other tools for effective trading and making a fortune from it. A trade setup to identify and make most of it. 

I have come up with two courses for you, for those who are unaware of Technical Analysis and for those who are

Course Time Fees
Technical Anaysis 4 months 12000/-
Elliott and Neo Wave  4 days 10500/-

It is not worth to follow the crowd blindly but to use your knowledge and identify a trade setup to trade. It is always better to think objectively before trading. For registration call +919324174580. 


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