EURINR: All set to tumble (ElliottWave forecast)

Daily chart of EURINR

Classic bearish head and shoulder pattern is seen in the above chart after giving a break in the month of March 2019, after that prices re-tested the neckline twice. Twice it failed to move above the neckline and finally shedding the gains it managed to maintain. 

As per wave theory, I am putting a zigzag pattern when the head was formed. A zigzag is a three wave structure in which it has already completed wave a and wave b which means wave c is pending down. As per zigzag theory wave c can retrace 61.8%  of wave a to wave b so it can tumble till 73.1.

This theory is difficult to implement on various charts but you can learn from me in my 4 day course, classroom training and webinar available. The cost for the same is RS, 10,500/- contact +919324174580


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