SBI: Anticipated happened

SBI 60 mins chart Anticipated on 8th February 2019

SBI 60 mins chart Happened on 14th February 2019

In my previous update I had mentioned that, "SBI is consolidating in a sideways pattern mainly in a range of 285-300 levels after a dynamic fall from 307 to 276 levels. Short term moving averages 20 EMA (red) and 50 SMA (blue) have given a bearish crossover which is a negative sign.

From wave perspective, currently …. formation is in making which will end up in a running flat pattern. If it is true the post implication will be dynamic dragging prices way lower. This wave structure helped me to foretell the dynamic fall before it happened.

Prices tumbled from 285 till 265 levels which was anticipated by me, giving a return of over 7% within time of a week. Now what is the next trend forming in SBI we will see as the wave progresses.

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