Square of 9

W.D Gann a legendary trader and an analyst has invented many master charts such as square of 144, hexagon, square of 52 etc, amongst these one was square of 9.

We have discussed earlier about its origin, here we will be discussing the other concepts of this master chart. Square of 9 can be used in many ways and has different approach towards individual stocks, commodities and currency.

We will first see how this master chart was constructed by William. D. Gann. Gann in early 1920’s visited India and there he saw a square within a circle. Thereafter he went to Egypt and saw pyramids based on these observations he constructed Square of 9.

The chart has a square which is fit within a circle and there are numbers placed on the face of the square and outside the circle. At the center of the square we will place a starting number and then we will rotate with one increment at a time. One full rotation completes at number 9, and that explains the name of the chart. The numbers which are outside the circle are dates of the calendar year.

Gann believed that Maths is the only accurate science and it is universally applicable. His calculations were based on geometric angles and ancient mathematics. Here we will not go into calculations but we will see how this chart can be used for trading perspective.

The above Square of 9 chart explains that
1. The rotation of numbers within the square is clock wise but the rotation outside the circle is anti clock wise.
2. The Square is divided into 4 equal parts thus giving us 4 squares within a Square each giving us 90 degree angle. These 4 squares are then divided further thus giving a 45 degree angle.
3. There are 2 types of crosses one is the Cardinal cross and other is diagonal cross.
4. The numbers placed outside the circle is 4 degrees away from each other.


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