Infosys: Predicting through Gaps

It is very essential to know the range of a particular Index, stock or commodity for trading perspective. In Infosys we can come to know that the stock was moving in a big range of 3000-2100 from past 2 years. Many analysts believe that such a rise in IT sector is due to US Dollar getting strong, but if this was the case how can we manage to know that Infosys is going to break its upper extreme that is 3000.

In our previous article we were very accurate in mentioning the level of this stock as it can move till 2800 when the stock was quoting at 2400 levels. This time we have come out with advance technicals such as Gann Analysis to predict the level for this IT stock.

Infosys: Daily Chart


From the above daily chart we can observe that prices have take out its previous high of 3000. This is an important high as prices were moving in a range of 2100-3000 from past 2 years.

We have predicted the target for this particular stock with the help of Gap analysis which is a very important technique to forecast. In the last month Infosys declared good results which took stock prices higher by opening with a gap up, thus achieving our mentioned level of 2800. Now again there is a gap and with the help of it we can say that prices now can move till 3300-3350 over short term.


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